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Wildflecken is a municipality in the Bad Kissingen district, at the border of

 northeastern Bavaria and southern Hesse. In 2005, its population was 3,285;

 the postal code is 97772. Wildflecken is in the picturesque Rhön hills and nature-park.

In 1937 the German Army established a large training area in the Rhoen area.

 Northeast of the village a camp, large enough to house about 9,000 soldiers

 and 1,500 horses was built. The camp (Camp Wildflecken) and training-area

 was primarily used by the German Army (Wehrmacht) as well as by the Waffen-SS.

 During the war several Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS divisions were activated and trained

 for combat in Wildflecken.

 Also located in Wildflecken was an ammunition factory and two POW camps,

 one for Russian POWs and one for POWs of Belgian and French origin.

 In 1945 elements of the U.S. 14th Armored Division took control of the camp

 and the training area in April 1945.

From April 1945 to 1951, the base was a displaced persons camp

 housing approximately 20,000 displaced persons (DPs), primarily Poles,

 operated first by UNRRA, then by IRO.

 A Polish cemetery holds the camp's residents who died during those five years.

After 1951, its range served as a US Army training base

 operated by the 7th Army Training Command in Grafenwöhr,

and it was home station for several U.S.Army units to include Armored,

 Infantry (Mech), Military Intelligence and logistical units,

 primarily the 373d AIB of the 19th (later 4th) Armored Group.

 It also served as a base for Bundesgrenschutz (border police) units

 and later for the new German Army (Bundeswehr).

 The Wildflecken Kaserne was decommissioned by the U.S.Army

 and transferred to the Bundeswehr in 1994.



1994 war das ende einer langen Freundschaft zwischen
Deutschen und denn Amerikanern die seit Jahr zehnten in
Wildflecken Stationiert waren zu ende, es gab viele
tränen, Trauer und Wut als sie abgezogen wurden, für
den Wirtschafts Standort Wildflecken war dieser Tag ein
sehr grauer Tag, denn mit dem ab zuck der Amerikaner
war das auch das aus für viele Deutsche zivil
beschäftigte die für die Amerikaner gearbeitet haben,
es gibt viele die bis heute noch keine neue Arbeit
gefunden haben.
Da uns die Amerikaner stets in Erinnerung bleiben,
eröffne ich diese Seite.

Wer war in Wildflecken Stationiert zu US Zeiten wer
kennt welche die dort waren??
helft alle mit damit wir eine schöne Gruppe
Wer hat für die Amerikaner gearbeitet??

A Friendship that will never end. Former GI's
stationed in Wildflecken.

The year 1994 marked the end of a long lasting
friendship between the Germans and the American
Soldiers and families that had been stationed in
Wildflecken for decades.
There was a lot of sadness, tears, and anger as the
soldiers were pulled out of Wildflecken.
This day was a gray day for the economy of the town,
since with the Army all the jobs left town too. Many
Germans that worked for the US Army are still out of a
Because the Americans will always be in our memories I
am opening this site.

Who was stationed in Wildflecken during the time the US
Military was there?
Who knows people that were stationed there?
Who worked for the Americans?
Everybody do your best to help create a nice group.





To all former Soldiers, please help all wiht so that the page its a nice page!!







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